What are the steps to Orthodontic treatment?

Initial examination: Dr.Patil will do a thorough Orthodontic examination of you/your child in your presence to understand the concerns you/your child has regarding you/your child’s smile.


Financial consultation: If you decide to proceed with the treatment plan, we can inform you details regarding your insurance coverage and payment options.


Records: Done at our office, these include photos, Orthodontic x-rays, and a survey. These are needed so the doctor can analyze you/your child’s individual teeth size and study your/his/her presentation in detail. 

Study models: If after the initial examination you decide to proceed with our office, we make impressions (molds) for digital study models. These are needed so the doctor can analyze you/your child’s individual teeth size and study your/his/her presentation in detail.

Review of treatment plan:  After your records are completed, Dr. Patil will review the nature and extent of Orthodontic presentation of you/your child and we together will make a treatment plan based upon all the information gathered so far. For these appointments we suggest that the patient and both parents (if applicable) are present, so that our objectives, methods, and duration of treatment are clearly communicated to the family.

Placing the Braces on


Oral Hygiene instructions: We educate you regarding home care and daily brushing and flossing with your new braces.


Follow up visits: Follow up visits, or adjustments, are when oral hygiene is checked and colors and/or wires of braces are changed.


Progress Checks: During progress checks, photos and x-rays are taken, every six-monthly, to discuss progress with general Dentist and patient (and/or parent).


Removal of Braces and all active appliances: Almost there but not done quite yet!!


Retainers: Now that your braces have been removed, you and your orthodontist want you to preserve that healthy, beautiful smile you worked so hard to get. Your orthodontist has determined that the best way for you to do that is by wearing a retainer(s). While wearing a retainer is simple, it is a very complex and powerful appliance. A retainer is an important part of your orthodontic treatment. A retainer is designed to keep your teeth where your braces moved them and wearing it as instructed is the key to maintaining the success of your orthodontic treatment.


Please remember that this is a general plan for most of our patients and there may be slight variations in some situations depending upon the complexity of the presentation.

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