Now That I Have Braces FAQ


How long will my teeth be sore? 

Expect your teeth to be somewhat tender and sore the first few days after your braces are adjusted. 
Take over the counter pain medication to alleviate the discomfort if needed. It is common that you 
will feel soreness when eating, but the sooner you start chewing the faster you will adjust. 


Will the inside of my lips be sore forever? 

Expect from time to time that your cheeks and lips may become irritated. If the rubbing or irritation 
becomes a problem, or an ulcer forms, use the wax that we provided you. Place the wax over the 
braces that are causing the problem. Make sure the area is dry before putting the wax in place. Pull 
off a small piece, roll it in a little ball, and stick it over the braces. You may also use warm salt 
water rinses three times per day. 


Do I still have to see my Dentist for cleaning and check-ups? 

YES, YES, YES. You will need to continue to see your dentist for regularly scheduled cleanings and 
cavity checks. This is very important! If you are not maintaining good oral hygiene, we will ask you to 
see your dentist more often that twice a year. Please inform us well in advance when you have a 
scheduled appointment for your cleaning so we can coordinate this appointment with your 
orthodontic appointment. At times we can remove your wires beforehand for you to get a more 
thorough cleaning. 


What do I do if a bracket comes loose? 

Remember to follow the NO EATS LIST. If a bracket comes loose, please call our office right away to 
inform us. We want to know about it ahead of time so we can decide if it needs to be replaced 
immediately or if it can wait until your next appointment. If you wait until the day of your 
appointment to tell us you have a bracket off, we may not be able to fix it as you will need a longer 
appointment time. Remember broken brackets will result in a delay in treatment! 


How much longer will my braces be on? 

Remember your treatment time is estimated. No two people have teeth that move the same way in 
the same amount of time. Your cooperation is required. Treatment time will take longer if you do not 
maintain good oral hygiene and your regular dental visits. You must wear your elastics and wear 
your headgear and facemask so treatment is not delayed. Broken brackets and appliances can also 
prolong your treatment. Also missed appointments will delay your treatment time. 



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